"We'll Get You Over On Our Side"

Though an experimental short film at heart, this was a foray into the largely Western-looking ideal of toys sold on the streets of Dubai, UAE and Istanbul, Turkey. Many of these dolls are built to do one thing and one thing only - not even to be played with. Not a single person passing by had blond hair, or blue eyes, or any physical incarnation close to what the dolls aspired to represent. Chaotic, overwhelming, these mechanized versions of self were endlessly twitching, tinkling melancholic melodies, being creepy, and above all, seemed to appear everywhere I went. No one ever bought anything anywhere I stopped to watch them. I have see these light-up one-trick-pony toys everywhere I've gone without fail, but haven't always managed to capture them on video. They're invading, culturally incongruous, useless, cheap, China-made, annoying, and will soon be coming to a street corner near you.

Shot by Isabelle Carbonell. Edited by Sarah Cannon.